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Super Save


Serving up hometown goodness.
Our Super Save Food store is a locally owned and "Hometown Proud" supermarket. That means we're deeply committed to being more than just a great grocery store. It means we strive everyday to make a difference in our community. A good grocery store isn't a sprawling, impersonal example of cookie cutter commerce, but a community hub owned and operated by the very people who know the area best -- the citizens.

Fresh produce is the signature of any great supermarket. It's freshness you can see and smell as soon as you walk in our door. Tempting tomatoes, crisp carrots, sunny citrus! You will find an abundant selection of your favorite fruits and vegetables as well as convenient ready-to-eat salads, fresh-cut fruit, vegetable trays and more. You'll always enjoy the best of what's in season when you shop at Super Save.

Enjoy the plentiful produce this season brings, and put a little sunshine on your plate with a variety of beautiful, bountiful fruits and vegetables.
We help you grow a year-round appreciation of our fresh produce, from the best growers locally and around the Country, with chef-developed recipes and techniques that focus on convenience and great taste.
Shoppers will enjoy a Produce department featuring all sorts of colorful, helpful displays and more than a thousand items from growers around the world and, more importantly, right here at home.
There is more to providing quality produce than meets the eye. We couldn't provide the best quality available without hard working professionals behind the scenes making your shopping experience unforgetable.
At Super Save, our staff of highly trained associates strives to offer only the finest fresh fruits and vegetables to provide our customers with a delightful sensory experience with every bite.
Our specifications are very strict; we refuse any shipment that does not meet our high standards and our Produce professionals are thoroughly trained in how to handle delicate product – from its delivery, to the cashier.

To that end, our Produce Departments offer many different fresh fruits and vegetables from numerous countries around the world. That way we can offer the widest variety and the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables at the peaks of their individual seasons.
Whether it’s tender asparagus, sweet red bell peppers or fresh bi-color corn, our team of Post Harvest Professionals will be there to bring you healthy, nutritious and wholesome foods from our family to yours.
So always look for the greenest greens. The sweetest treats. The thumpiest thump of the freshest Honeydew you've ever thumped. Quality. Freshness. Variety. When it comes to your produce - and your family - what else is there? What else matters?

At Super Save, it all starts with quality and ends with taste!

At Super Save, we guarantee the quality and freshness of our meat. It's cut fresh every day, by trained and certified meat cutters. We even provide convenient recipes for great ideas to make great eating easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions for the best cooking method, time and temperature. Special cuts of meat as well as value packs are available. If you like great-tasting meals without the hassle, you'll love Super Save's Seasoned and Fully Cooked meats. They're quick, convenient and capture that great Texas flavor—available only at Super Save Food Store.

Our seafood selection offers you the freshness and taste that you expect to find only on the coast. Super Save offers a unique selection of the best Seafood Trays, Shrimp Rings, Live Lobsters and Salmon Fillets in the market.
Live, hard-shell lobsters from Maine are harvested daily and then flown overnight delivery to the Super Save's Seafood Departments. Allow us to steam them for you free of charge and take them home ready to eat.
Super Save offers a unique selection of the best Seafood Trays in the market. We also prepare custom orders.
A great snack or appetizer our shrimp cocktail ring contains 25 of our large mouth watering, cooked farm raised shrimp and our zesty cocktail sauce.

Rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids, the Atlantic Salmon has long been savored as one of nature's finest delicacies. Our boneless Atlantic salmon fillets are farm raised for consistently high quality and exquisite flavor. We offer a variety of fresh marinades with to provide exciting new flavors and added convenience.

We use only federally inspected beef, which we cut in full view of our customers. This assures the finest quality of beef anywhere.

Super Save's PORK is "Quite simply the best." Specially selected to be the leanest in the industry. PORK is not graded the same way as beef, so the major criterion for selecting PORK is the leanness of the individual cuts.

Our full-service meat department provides customers with the added benefit of talking one-on-one with a professional, knowledgeable meat associate who can assist them in selecting items and offer advice on cooking techniques.

Special Request by our customers for specific items or cuts are welcomed. Our knowledgeable meat professional is always prepared to assist you.

The dairy case at your Super Save food store is filled with wholesome goodness. For nutrition, great taste and freshness, you can't beat the great dairy products you'll find there. Look for whole, skim, 1%, 2% and soy milk and a great variety of imported and domestic cheeses. Plus everything you need for a delicious snack or meal—like yogurt, cream cheese, bagel spreads, sour cream, fresh butter, margarine and eggs.

You'll find the best value on quality dairy foods at your local Super Save food store. We take great pride in providing you with quality and variety. We are 100% committed to making your shopping experience as unique and pleasant as possible.
When you shop with us, you can always find more of the things you like because we have more of the things you like.We carry major brands like Lactaid, Silk Soy and 8th Continent and Land-O-Lakes. Besides desserts from Dannon, Yoplait, La Yoghurt, La Crème, Breyers, Jell-O, Swiss Miss we also carry a wide range of bread spreads like, Country Crock, Fleischman, Kraft Philadelphia, I Can't believe it's not butter, Benecol and more. And don't forget fresh egg and egg beaters and cookie dough from Pillsbury.
Busy shoppers can head to the refrigerated Dairy Case for more than milk and cheese! If you need some ideas for a quick meal, products in the dairy department can come to the rescue! We have been enjoying many kinds of convenience products from the dairy department for years..."canned" biscuits, refrigerated cookie dough and shredded and sliced cheeses all save us time. Today, along with biscuits, we can get ready-to-bake crusty bread loaves, bread sticks and dinner rolls. Along-side the cookie dough you can find muffin batter and a big cookie in a baking pan ready to put in the oven and bake! Shredded cheeses now come with a variety of different cheeses mixed together like 3-cheese or Italian blends. Even shredded cheeses with seasonings added like Mexican (taco) or Italian are available.
Freshly-made pastas and pasta sauces can be cooked in a matter of minutes and fresh concentrated soups with "homemade taste" are one of the newer additions to the "Dairy" case.
Along with the wide variety of plain yogurt and flavored yogurt for a quick snack, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with cups of pudding, gelatin and even individual servings of cheesecake!

So, if you think the dairy case is just for "dairy," take a few minutes to check out today's refrigerated section and you'll find plenty of products to save you time that we could have only imagined a short time ago!

At your Super Save Deli, you'll find something for every meal and every occasion. Like a thick and hearty sandwich? Pile it high with savory meats and flavorful cheeses. Our Market Fresh deli carries an amazing variety of meats and slicing cheeses, including low sodium products, Italian Specialties, our Premium Label and unique Signature products. Signature meats include our All-Natural Roast Beef, our Thanksgiving Turkey Breast, Buffalo Turkey Breast, Chicken Teriyaki and our Steamship Carving Ham. From tangy Reubens to stacked Clubs, start your sandwich with mouthwatering deli meats. Come by and ask for a sample today. You just might find a favorite new flavor.

We think the most important component of any party is the food. An elegantly displayed shrimp ring, a cheese tray with varieties from around the world, and a skewer full of fresh meat and vegetables will make your party the one that everybody wants to attend. Top it off by displaying an arrangement of fresh seasonal flowers and a selection of imported or domestic beverages and what you have is a mouthwatering presentation of fabulous food. Entertaining is always easy with Super Save Food Store

Want a scrumptious meal in record time? Well here's a thought—use our delicious, fully cooked Good-to-Go! Rotisserie Chicken.
Haven't tried it yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Because this ready-to-eat chicken is always incredibly succulent, seasoned to perfection and right out of the oven. In fact, each chicken is time stamped for freshness and is never allowed to remain on the shelf for more than three hours. Oh, and let's not forget convenient. Just pop open the container and this piping hot delight is ready to eat.

We also carry a large variety of salads, available from our service cases or in convenient one-pound containers. You'll find hot and cold entrees, fresh vegetable and pasta salads, fruit platters, sandwiches and delicious desserts.

For the hostess, yourself or to add a festive touch to your tables, our floral specialists can create colorful centerpieces, bright bouquets and custom corsages.

From pies and cakes to cookies and tortillas, you'll find a full selection of tempting treats. Our breads are freshly baked and our tortillas are homestyle and heavenly.

Fresh-baked bread—warm, wonderfully aromatic, essential and immensely gratifying. It's as basic as basic can be. We all love this fundamental food. The only problem is, who has the time to bake it? Actually, our breads are baked fresh daily, many right in your local store. From soft tortillas and pitas to hardy rolls and pumpernickels, every single day we do the baking for you. And that, well, that gives you more time to enjoy the highly satisfying results.

Rich, decedent delights! And melt-in-your-mouth delicious desserts await you at Super Save Food stores. Our world-class selection of petits gateaux (single-serving-size cakes), tarts, mousses, and cakes rival those you'd find in the best pastry shops along the Champs Elysees.

Go ahead.
After the week you just had, you've earned it. So stop by your neighborhood Super Save's bakery and pick up a little something. You'll find our selection fabulously rich. Not the price.

In the Super Save Bakery we strive to make your shopping a pleasant and satisfying experience. We pledge to be consistent in our fresh product selection and performance, while offering you wonderful service in a warm friendly atmosphere.

One visit to a Super Save Bakery and you will know why we are called the Experts in Fresh.

Whether it's pizza, potatoes or pasta, you'll find it in the Frozen Foods section at your Super Save Food store. Choose from family-sizes or single-servings, one-dish meals, savory side dishes or tasty desserts. No matter what you choose, our frozen foods deliver quality, value and convenience every time. Be sure to look for your favorite brands, including Creamy Creations ice creams and Classic Selections dinners.

We're passionate about frozen foods. Our selections offer an outstanding convenience as well as excellent value for your money. The freezing process locks in freshness and vitamins that many fresh products lose along the way to supermarkets' shelves.

We are continually striving to make our customers' lives easier and believe that frozen foods from Super Save can help them achieve that.

Our Frozen department is one of the biggest departments in the store. We offer you a variety of frozen fruits, vegetables, meat and meat parts, ready to eat meals and desserts.

In spite of our impressive selections, it is still easy to find what you need because all of our shelves are well arranged and organized to make your shopping experience quick and convenient.

We firmly believe in the benefits of frozen food and take great care to bring it to you in the best possible condition. In short, we take frozen food very seriously.

Today you'll find your local Super Save selling a wide range of frozen food of the best quality at prices you'll find nowhere else.

Did you know manufacturers are able to freeze food in minutes, which, compared to home freezing, gives a superior texture, taste and appearance, as well as retaining the nutritional value?

Thanks to freezing technology people can enjoy all types of food throughout the year, regardless of the season, at affordable prices. And frozen foods have longer storage time than fresh, offering maximum flexibility. Frozen broccoli, for example, stays fresh in the freezer for up to eight months. Quick, convenient food that is acceptable to both children and adults is in high demand.

Frozen food is now an important part of a family's diet, and the freezer frequently acts as a 'children's larder', stocked up with frozen vegetables, fish products, ready meals, pizza and ice cream.

And what kid doesn't love ice cream? It's perfect for cooling off on a hot summer’s day and is also a great ingredient for some delicious and indulgent recipes. So indulge yourself with one of Super Save's deliciously irresistible ice cream flavors.

Remember... you're always cool when you shop Super Save's Frozen Food department.

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